Buy Here Pay Here

What we offer …

    * A chance to re-establish your credit (we report to the credit bureau)
    * A short term loan so that you can own your vehicle quickly and save tons of money on finance charges
    * Free oil changes for the life of your loan
    * A quality DEPENDABLE pre-owned vehicle that has been meticulously inspected and service

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Why ...

Bad things happen to good people all the time. At Ray Skillman Shadeland Kia and Mitsubishi, we want to be the stepping stone to help you get back on your feet and into a dependable vehicle. Ray Skillman Shadeland Kia and Mitsubishi has decided to loan money to good people, who deserve that second chance when other dealerships or banks will not. We also help hundreds of customers who have started over due to a recent bankruptcy.

The Vehicles …

Most of our vehicles are locally owned trade-ins that have been sent through a rigorous inspection process. So you have a car/truck/van that gives you the peace of mind that other buy here pay here lots simply cannot offer.

The Interview …

After you complete the attached credit applications, one of our buy here pay here specialists will call you and set up a time for you to come in for the interview process. We take the time to know you and work together to come up with a payment plan that fits into your budget and gives you the opportunity to buy a quality pre-owned car, truck or SUV. Our interview process is important because so many lending institutions just look at the credit scores. This does not always tell the real story about a person and we have a responsibility to our customers to hear the story from you. “Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life.” (Walter Anderson)

The Loan …

At Ray Skillman Shadeland Kia and Mitsubishi we try to keep our loans short term; for example, two years or less. Every now and then exceptions are made and we will stretch a loan out past two years, however it must fit into your budget. We have found two year loans seem to work best for our customers. After paying on time for just two short years or less you should be back on track and impart to our reporting to the credit bureaus, be able to secure financing with a conventional bank.

In Closing …

I would like to thank you for your interest in Ray Skillman Shadeland Kia and Mitsubishi In-house finance program. I think you will find that our reputation and our commitment to service along with our commitment to our local communities go unmatched. We will work with you to get you into a quality pre-owned vehicle.

If you have any questions please contact Peggy Hodgin at 317-352-9500.



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